Jan 31, 2012

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Down ‘n Dirty in Austin

Down ‘n Dirty in Austin

Everywhere we look in Austin people are running, walking, or riding their bikes. The Austin lifestyle is a very fit one, so it’s only natural that we would be home to what seems like an unnatural amount of marathons. We had the Austin Gorilla Run a few weeks ago, the Color Run is coming soon, and just this past weekend there was a 3M Half Marathon and Relay. But the run coming up in March will leave you ready for a shower….and a beer!

Now anyone involved in fitness has heard of the Tough Mudder and the Warrior Dash, but Austin is home of The Jailbreak; an off the grid adventure run covering 3.1 miles over 16-20 wet, muddy obstacles! What makes The Jailbreak even better is that after you burn off all those calories from the mud filled run, you can gain them all right back next door at the 1st Annual Austin Beer Fest! Yes that’s right, Beer Fest RIGHT NEXT DOOR. The Beer Fest will be showcasing more than 500 craft beers, feature 3 music stages for both local musicians and D.J.’s, and of course have Beer Pong & Flip Pong Tournaments!

Just in case I still don’t have you convinced about this jailbreak then take a look at this video of last year’s run>>>>>Jailbreak Run 2011┬áSo throw on your best inmate uniform and go along with the Jailbreak slogan…’Get dirty*Have fun*Do good’!

For registration info be sure and check out their websites:

The Jailbreak

Austin Beer Fest


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