Mar 21, 2011

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SXSW Interview with Albert Aguilar [VIDEO]

SXSW Interview with Albert Aguilar [VIDEO]

Albert Aguilar is a singer songwriter with some serious chops.  Playing at a last minute venue change at Serranos on Symphony Square in Austin, he played a few songs from his album:  Where To Go From Here as well as his upcoming EP, which will be released on April 22nd

Symphony Square is a really unique location, with amphitheater seating surrounding a stone stage. The setup actually helps with creating a great acoustic environment. The location was perfect for Albert’s music, adding to the intimacy of his performance.

Tracks from his album can be found at his MySpace page here:

His songs are often cinematic and dreamy, in an elevated slow-motiony kind of  way.

Specifically, if you ever find yourself in the back seat of a friends car, gazing out the window at strangers on the street, thinking about that certain someone (you know which one), playing his album might make a moment out of it.

Here’s Chloe interviewing Albert after the show.

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